MS Fraud & Forensics Course Information

Course Requirements: 30 credits
Degree: Master of Science in Fraud and Forensics
Locations: Main Oakland Campus or 100% Online


MFF-711 White Collar Crime (3 credits)

Staying one step ahead of white collar criminals is critical in today’s complex global marketplace. Gain a basic understanding of white-collar crime, its impact on organizations and our economy, and how it develops. Learn about the principles types of fraud and the “fraud triangle”—pressure, opportunity and rationalization. And delve into the theories of crime causation.

MFF-730 Cybercrime (3 credits)

Learn the complexities of cybercrime and the difficulty of investigating and prosecuting cybercrime cases. Understand cybercriminals and the science of social media. Discover ways to protect valuable data, both personal and organizational, from cybercriminals. You will also learn about laws from all over the world that regulate cyber activity.

 these are just two of the ten courses required in the MFF program. For more details about these classes and more, please visit the Course Catalog section of our website. For a list of every course available in the MFF program, and a detailed program schedule, click here