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Program Major Minor Graduate Online Accelerated
Accounting M m A
Art M m G
Art Education M G
Behavioral Neuroscience M
Biology M m G
Business Administration (MBA) G O A
Business Management M m O A
Chemistry M m
Communication M m O
Counseling Psychology (PsyD) G
Creative Writing M m G
Creative Writing (MFA) G
Criminology M m A
Curriculum and Instruction G
Cyber Threat and Research Analytics G
Data Analytics M m
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) G
Early Childhood Education M G A
Early Development and Learning M
Education M G O A
English M m
Forensic Accounting M A
Fraud and Forensics (MS) G O A
General Studies M
Health Coach (Minor) m
Healthcare Data Analytics M O
Health Management M O A
History M m
Human Resource Management M m A
Information Technology Management (Minor) m G
Liberal Studies M
Mathematics M m
Modern Languages (Minor) m
Nursing M G O A
Philosophy (Minor) m
Political Science M m A
Pre-Law (Minor) m A
Pre-Med, Pharm, Dentist M
Professional Counseling (MS) G A
Psychology M m G A
Respiratory Care M O
Secondary Education G
Social Work M m G
Sociology (Minor) m
Special Education M G A
Student Affairs (MA) G A
Theatre (Minor) m
Theology (Minor) m
Women's and Gender Studies (Minor) m